A little Spring Clean…

I’m not the tidiest person in the world. Not even close. However today my room put me over the edge and as I finally have a couple of days without any other commitments, it seemed like the perfect time to give it a good tidy.

I’ve been ‘instagramming ‘sections of my room all day, so I thought I would just do a blog post instead (mostly to prove to myself, and my mum, that it was tidy even if it is for just one day)

I thought I would give little details about certain vintage/general items too, just for background effect. I find my room is an intergration of different themes, including different areas and genres of vintage.

This was the state of the room before:

It might not look that messy; however there are clothes everywhere, a suitcase which has been sat for a month and isn’t fully empty, bags and shoes all over and just MEHHH. Nothing has a specific place, (everything seems to be shoved onto the dressing table) so I spent all day giving everything a suitable ‘home’ :’)




I’ve always desired a proper vintage style dressing table, with the 12606798_10208578723768641_265743705_nbeautiful attaching mirror and all that jazz.  I am quite content with my wooden dressing table though, and perhaps one day when I have my own house (and a lot more money) I will be able to purchase my own 🙂 The table lays under the window, so I can fit the big mirror on the windowsill. My room is very dark, as it is at the back of the house, so I need all the natural light possible 🙂

For some reason this has turned into a 1920’s performance scene, with the bright colours decorating the mirror. I have 2 Venetian style masks, one actually from Vienna and the other a replica homemade mask which I purchased. The actual Viennese one is hiding behind the scarf, with only the feather visible.

And everyone needs flowers in their life! I can’t real deal with real flowers (I get too emotional when they die) so I have fake roses in different colours. I didn’t have a vase to hand so I stole one of my parents used Fortnun and Mason jars :’) It’s absolutely perfect for the long stems and the duck egg blue matches my feature wall 🙂



I completely gutted the entire dressing table and went for simplicity. I put this in black and white to reflect the vintage tone.

I put a doily in each corner of the table separating different items. I love this shot because it shows my perfume alongside a cross stitch of Mary – my mum had done it for my late Grandmother and it got passed onto me 🙂



Another heirloom I have is my maternal great grandmothers cabinet, formally known as the ‘Tallboy’. It’s in my room because my Dad isn’t one for sentiment like me and my mum are, are we were afraid he’d try to bin it so I rescued it and banned him from my room hehehe. For some reason it took me ages to set up this simple scene on the top of it. I wanted to put my two glass angels as a central focus. Again they were passed down to me from my Grandmother and they are
so pretty I want to always look at them 🙂

Obviously my idol Audrey Hepburn has to make an appearance and there she is, behind the biggest angel. On the other side is my name sake cross stitch explaining the Welsh origin of my name. In the middle is just a ceramic vintage style bowl. In it are all the spare bits of jewellery I have – I didn’t have the patience to sit through it 🙂

My bedside table is a  little boring at the moment, however I have to mention my wonderful Buddha and even more wonderful first doggy, Alfie. I took that photo of Alfie a few years ago before he went to Doggy Heaven and it was the first photo, taken by me, which I 100% loved.

The Buddha came into my possession from an unlikely source. I have quite a few Buddha statues; all in different rooms so I never am without the guide of the Buddha. I’m not a Buddhist – however it reminds me to relax and be mindful. My sister’s partner had rescued this Buddha from a place he was working at, after finding it on a Cherry Picker, or ‘Genie’. (I think this was supposed to be a practical joke, however a Buddha and a Genie? Really? Well, whatever makes you laugh) The poor Buddha needed a lot of TLC, he has paint marks on him (some one had tried to give him rosy cheeks and lips) and he’s missing too middle fingers. But he’s happy.


Here’s my jewellery station, along with my trusty hat (and now wig) model Angellica. The clock is from Dunelm – it was in the sale and I got it £9.99 🙂

My bed set is also from Dunelm, however this was more expensive. I love bedding sets, especially with matching pillows, throws and fashion cushions. I fell in love with this one ages ago, and I saved up specially to buy it :’)





Finally, I jazzed up my door with pictures from an old calendar. I love war time ‘Propaganda’ with the bright colours and texts. I wish this still happened in the modern world. I hate the boring old newspapers and posters. People need to bring art back!

This was my rambly post and my description of my vintage style (and now tidy) room! 🙂 I would love to know your little vintage elements :)x


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