Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Hat

So this post is about that hat – the scene where Holly first meets Paul or “Fred” as she nicknames him. She is frantically getting ready to make the 10.45 train after being reminded it is Thursday, and transforms herself instantly into this glamorous outfit.

I just love the hat, the simple colour of it complimented by the white tie, the shape and the wide brim.
Although I would love to make a hat like this, my skills at millinery are non-existence! I scanned the internet and shops to find a suitable hat to fit the budget. Hats are expensive!

There are a lot of replica Tiffany’s hats around – but charge so much money for them! Similarly because the hat itself is so big it would be extremely difficult to find one which would come under my £25 budget!

So, after having difficulties of locating a suitable hat I put the idea to the back of my mind. I was one morning walking through Hull City Centre and passed Primark though the Princess Quays shopping centre. The window in Primark was full of summer and beachwear – all the bikinis  and summer dresses were an explosion of colour to my eye. However on the backwall I managed to see the summer hats, all large brims!

To my excitement I rushed in and found two styles I really liked. They are not one hundred percent similar as the one in Breakfast at Tiffanys – but I looked at them and realised they had a vintage vibe. What I liked about them more was the fact they had a hat tie! Despite none of them having a white tie, I settled on a stripy black hat with a black tie. I think it is a good alternative – and for only £4, it was a definite winner!

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