Mad Hatter…

So, I am still on the topic of hats.

I thought I would write a blog post about a selection of hats from my own hat collection. In regards to my blog challenge, Breakfast at Tiffanys, these hats are very with the time!

I am lucky enough to have received  some these hats from my mum – who made them!

First of all, I would like to introduce my hat model, Angellica. I decided to adopt Angellica because I love photography and it’s really difficult to photograph myself wearing hats single handedly as it doesn’t quite capture the whole effect of the hat. (Plus she’s super cool, and anything looks good on her)…



This little blue beret was given to me and simply told ‘do whatever you want with it’ – so therefore, I change it around all the time! Currently the decoration is this simplistic but effective peacock feather – draped across the eye for a mysterious yet alluring look…



These two beauties were made by my mum!  The first hat is a beautiful large brim hat. It reminds me of the Breakfast at Tiffanys one with the inverted colours! Instead of the accent tie it has a simple cream bow; and lined with black fabric. It’s perfect for a nice summer’s day, it would make a simple outfit look amazing!

The one to the right is a unique design – hopefully I will get to go to a quirky wedding or a race meeting soon!

This black number is my favourite hat EVER. Out of the two other hats, this one is the most Tiffanyish one! It has the identical brim – but shows it’s originality with the beautiful handmade flowers and individuality stitched beads! I feel very 1960s in this. All i want to do is fling my hair into a topknot but this hat on and wear dark sunglasses and I’ll feel like a movie star!
The hat includes sinnemay, and tiny white crochet flowers. It is too designed, and made by my mum and it took absolutely ages! However, the end result is absolutely beautiful – I love this hat more than anything!
I’d thought I’d go all posey and try to take a full length photo of the outfit, but my camera was having none if. Maybe it got sick of my many selfies 😉 So I’ve found a semi suitable one that kind of gives an impression of the full length outfit. Another one will be take in my next post for the finale! I chose to wear the black one for it because I just couldn’t take it off! Still, it is similar to the large brim £4 one – so perhaps if you bought a plain large brim hat you could decorate it to make it unique! My mum’s hats have inspired me to start making my own hats, so take a look at milinery books and courses and see what you can come up with!

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