Breakfast at Tiffany’s up do

I frequently get asked how I do my vintage ‘up-dos’ – so I thought I might do a post of one.

In keeping with the Audrey Hepburn tradition, I will explain my version of the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s hairstyle.audrey14.jpg

The hairstyle I had created is not the exact hairstyle Audrey Hepburn fashioned. However it is quite similar, quicker and easier to create! It is a perfect look for elegance; can work for day or night, and is even perfect when you’re having a bad hair day!

I did do a video to go along with the description, however I’ve been having technical issues – so hopefully the written method will be understandable!

1. Begin by separating the top of my hair with the bottom, loosely keeping it in a bun and ponytail.

2. After securing the bottom of the hair with a loose ponytail, take down the bun of the top and separate the fringe; again tie to fringe back to focus on the first section of the hairstyle.

3. The remaining hair can be teased into either sort of bouffant bun; tying it round a few times before loosely teasing the hair out to give the hair texture and volume. Similarly, this can be varied by a real bouffant; this would include slight backcombing of the underneath to give it the suitable volume. Similarly if you were feeling adventurous you could tease this section of the hair into a hair roll. This would look very vintage and bring elegance and originality to this Breakfast at Tiffany’s do! The way I have chosen is a sort of inverted ponytail. If you get the ponytail and sort of thread it back into the hair it creates a bouffant style quiff, raising the hair into position.

4. After finding a position the bun or bouffant feels suitable; secure it into place with hair clips and hairspray if necessary. The next step will be the roll at the back of the head.

Other hair tutorials of this kind would begin with the french twist However, after trying with the twist first I found it was difficult to mould rest of the hair. If you find this way tricky there are other useful videos on Youtube or different variants and ways of this hairstyle 🙂

5. Take the loose ponytail out and brush the bottom of the hair. I will now be doing a somewhat vertical hair roll. If you don’t feel comfortable or able to do a real hair roll, this way will give a similar effect. Like the previous inverted ponytail, I do this again but more horizontally to make the head roll up inside itself.

Up-Sweep-60s-Do (1)

Similarly if you cant manage this you can do a hair twist. This would involve taking all the hair and gently begin twisting it either to the right or left. After two twists lift the hair vertically and place it on the hair. Begin securing it into place. If your hair is shorter, you will be able to just tuck the top of the hair back into the top of this twist when you reach the top. Longer hair lengths, like mine involve twisting the rest of the hair under the central twist.

If you want to try the hair roll make sure your hair has a bit of grip; hairspray or gel works for me! Again this would be more successful on hair that is not newly washed so the hair stays better. Okay, so take all the hair and take it either to the right or left. Take the ends of the hair and begin rolling it through the fingers until it reaches the centre of the head. If you can’t quite roll it all you can get a long hair roll piece which is similar texture to a hair bun. They range between £1 to £4 from any supermarket or hair shop.

Once this feels secure, bobby pin it in and hairspray. Then focus on the fringe! 🙂

6. Allow the fringe to fall into its normal partiCelebrities-Looking-Like-Audrey-Hepburn-Holly-Golightly-Breakfast-Tiffanyng, and comb the sides. Take one side and wrap it along the hair bun – my variation involved it run parallel to the bun and tease all the way round to the other side. R
epeat on the other side. (This is to primarily cover the top of the potentially messy french plait and the bun to disguise it as a bouffant!)

When you feel like the front of the hair is satisfying, use a comb to neaten the hair. Hairspray all of the hair. Finish the look by adding a silver jewel! I fashioned mine out of an old silver brooch, creating it into a hair clip. Mini tiaras or floral jewels would also make this look!



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