The ‘New Look’ Exhibition




I recently came across some photos I had taken before I had started blogging.

The photos had been taken at a fashion exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

On the same visit I had also paid to enter a limited Wedding exhibition, which was totally worth the money (I think it was about £9 with my student discount) and had a range of wedding items from the 18th Century to modern day, including accessories from Queen Elizabeth’s wedding party (pressed flowers from the bridesmaid headdresses) and actual dresses loaned from celebrity weddings. (Dita Von Teese’s wedding dress was there!!!)

The V&A do the most amazing exhibitions, but because of the expensive nature of getting to London, I am quite limited in getting to go 😦 (I BLAME YOU RAIL TRAVEL)

This one was a time travel through the age of fashion, from popular fashion to the start of fashion brands we have come to love.


New age of fashion


Vintage Vogue

The ‘New Look’

My most favourite part of the exhibition was being so close to a range of Dior items – just look how beautiful this whole outfit is. I love the very feminine shade of pink and the simplistic but effective use of accessories. The black pointed kitten heel adds statement to the outfit – notice how this same style of shoe is now working its way back in modern day fashion…

This part of the exhibition was in celebration of the 1947 marking of Dior’s self named ‘Golden Age’.

From seeing the outfit above it makes sense in being a celebration of the end of the war and a new beginning, highlighted by the bright eye catching shade of the material. Still the look still retained the modest style of the time – developing the long lengths into a more ‘floaty’ and youthful look.

Fashion by Dior was the stimulus for what is more commonly associated with Dior: make up and perfume.

Originally, the sheer amount of material needed to create the garments of the ‘Couture’ collection caused disapproval, especially in London. This was down to the country still under the order of rationing. It gained respect after the secret presentations of the New Look to the Royal Family, where Princess Margaret in particular took interest. She adopted the look, and as she was considered a fashion icon at the time, London and the rest of the country adopted it! Sources claim that George V had forbid the two princesses in adopting the New Look in fear of setting a bad example because of rationing still in place. Princess Margaret, the more free spirited of the two obviously won her father round!



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