Charity Shop Haul, Dove House, No.87.

“That time I got a Mary Quant scarf for £3 and I didn’t realise…”


I definitely have an addiction to charity shops. And vintage clothes. So when a charity shop is dedicated purely to vintage items it definitely becomes a problem!

Dove House No.87 in Hull is an example of this. I limit myself to only going in once every through weeks and forcing myself to be good and not buy the whole shop. However as all proceed13419229_994918057224090_2434447962388383310_n.jpgs from the shop go directly to charity I always like doubly (or triply) treat myself knowing that everything is going to a good cause!

I have bought a lot from this shop in the past, so I thought I would share my latest purchases. This time I was extra good only buying 4 items which totalled £25!

I just love wearing vintage clothes and accessories knowing they have mysterious pasts and wondering what kind of person would have owned an item now in my possession. I’m also slightly weird and adore the smell of vintage products and antiques!

The reason I went into the shop that day was to purchase a couple of silk scarves. Like a lot of people I have been bitten by the sewing bug, inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee! I thought it was really interesting the week they created lingerie and lounging items from these silk scarves, and purchasing them from charity shops allows them to be sold at very cheap prices.

In this case all scarves were 13556040_10209870880591754_715195908_o.jpgbetween £2.50 and £4.00 and I chose two which were £3.00 each. One was a chocolate brown colour, decorated by pink, red and white flowers. The other was a white silk which green edging and summer flowers in the corners.

It was actually not until a few days later when I looked at the second scarf, the green one, in detail, that I could never use it to make another item. This is because I didn’t realise that this particular scarf was a Mary Quant original!


Although  Mary Quant scarves are not too dear to purchase at the present time, they are still regarded as designer and will probably one day be worth a lot! Additionally having learnt about Mary Quant and fashion in the 1960s at GCSE level – it is the only thing I can probably remember of that course, meaning that I appreciate moments in time like this and the company derived from Mary Quant.

After choosing the scarves my eyes were drawn to the most beautiful bag hanging on wall on the first floor of the shop!

For ages I had wanted an evening bag big enough to fit more than just a phone and purse in. This bag was the perfect size 13552670_10209861590919518_1037854873_nand the perfect colour! A beautiful blue in a woven wool fabric, handmade in diamond patterns and lighter shades. The factor which sold me in purchasing this bag was the pearl strap, giving it a somewhat Chanel feel! The bag was an absolute bargain at £7.50! 

The last item I purchased was a very pretty pleated skirt. I had got talking with one of the volunteers in the shop, discussing how difficult I find it to buy skirts which really fit. I’m very small with a tiny waist but wide hips so finding skirts that fit my waist normally end up being way too long for me! Anyway this wonderful volunteer found the most perfect midi skirt for me – a cream base with red and navy stripes!


I just ❤ this skirt. I goes with little kitten heels or flats and can be worn both casually or formally! I feel so girly in this £7.00 skirt!

This is the rundown of my latest charity shop haul! I hope you enjoyed :)x





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