Making my own corset: Part Two


Hi all!

My last update was a sort of cliffhanger, I sort of just left my first corset making post in a million different pieces pinned, sewn and duplicated.

I currently have seven pieces in both the green silk material and the black stiffening fabric; one bigger front piece (A) and 6 panels (B, C and D all duplicated).

Unlike the side panels, the silk and the black of the front piece are not sewn together yet.

Ignoring the silk piece for the minute, the black piece needs marking w14111661_10210367100716947_186155584_nhere the boning will sit.

I referred back to the paper pattern roughly to note where the positions of the boning lies. I then pinned, either in a straight or curved line as the pattern shows. This allows room for the boning to slide in before securing and sewing it.

Before I took the nylon boning, I pieced the front silk piece to the opposite side of the black and pinned separately around the sides and bottom. The top will be left unsewn as the boning will need to be put in and clipped at the correct length before being sewn in on either side.

Boning complete

Taking the front piece of nylon I threaded the nylon boning through the sections, cutting the nylon at the top and
readjusting the pins on either side. I then took the plunge and started sewing down the pinned lines, securing the boning into the front.

Next I sewed both pieces together, about ½ cm in – preferably in a thread a similar shade to the green to make the stitches unnoticeable. (It doesn’t matter about bright green on the black – no one sees it!) Meanwhile, I needed to paper pattern again to make lining pieces of every single piece. The lining material I have is a similar shade to the silk which will sit on the other side of the black stiffener, sandwiching it between the front and lining.

The lining when sewn together


Lining and corset front






After working out the jigsaw of what piece fits where I matched the lining by sewing together the newly formed green and black piece.

And….it fits!

The next part is about binding and eyelets…



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