Crafty Sunday at Hobbycraft…




Okay, so this post is stepping a little outside the vintage theme…yet I would argue it falls into the category of thrift and homemade – a big feature of vintage!

A couple of weeks back I went completely pom pom crazy and said hello to the Christmas spirit. The best part – I GOT TO GO TO HOBBYCRAFT.

Hobbycraft is easily one of my favourite shops in the whole wide world. You can find anything crafty in there. (My mother’s birthday and christmas presents are always covered by a Hobbycraft voucher and she never gets bored!)

In a way Hobbycraft is positively crafty – you go in with a few ideas in mind and come out with the whole shop….

An example of this is a few months ago when I think I went into Hobbycraft York with the intention of some crossstitch thread and ended up coming out the shop with a plywood M, a polystyrene heart, what seems like thousands of canvas bags, buttons and about 4 packs of sequins…

 Who really doesn’t need a bejeweled (I LOVE that word) initial? I had a fun few hours on this…

The wonderful event was organised by Hull Bloggers, where we were invited to Hobbycraft Hull to help make decorations for their Winter Wonderland display!  We were greeted by the most wonderful staff in the world who were absolutely fab in making us feel at home (they even brought us treats half way through our pompom marathon!!!)

There were three pom pom designs on offer, with the wonderful Jen showing us how to make them – which were a lot harder than they looked!

  • The first pompom was a giant layered tissue paper pom pom, created from a sort of Concertina like fold. It looked so effective with the different layers of coloured tissue paper.
  • The second type of pompom was a lovely little delicate design, which was created using a simple running stitch down the middle and the thread pulled – creating a gathered effect.
  • The last pompom took me straight backed to my childhood: wool pompoms! Do you remember, the cardboard rings and the wrapping of the wool which seemed to take forever? When I was younger I never really grasped how it worked – it always seemed like magic that a ball of fluff was then created!

Anyway, pompom making has gone up in the world – you can actually buy plastihb4c pom pom rings which makes the process so much quicker. Hobbycraft sells the rings in a pack of 4, different sized rings which can be used over and over again. I spent the whole time just doing the pompom rings, mixing different colours and styles of wools to make a various array of pompoms.

I got so obsessed I had to buy the rings and then go home and show my mother. And made more….

I am so excited to go back and visit the shop when the Christmas display is already. I’ll probably end up buying all the Christmassy wool….and the rest of the shop.

I absolutely loved being part of an event like this! Hobbycraft is such a welcoming place, it really was a fab weekend!