Last years resolutions, did the Vintage Beauty Spot make it?

Hello everyone and happy new year!
Now seems the perfect time to revisit the FIRST ever post featured on the Vintage Beauty Spot – 2016 New Year’s Resolutions.
After blogging on and off for a few years on different platforms I transferred my old posts over to WordPress. There are posts prior to this NY Resolution post – but this was the first post fresh for WordPress!
So let’s see if I was consistent with my resolutions…
1. The first resolution has to be….I NEED TO BLOG MORE. I used to blog everyday and ever since I decided to transfer over to WordPress I’ve done nothing! I might get into the swing of things by transferring old blog posts over, editing and looking back! Additionally I need to complete my Breakfast At Tiffanys Challenge. This will happen. I’ve got an orange coat. Game on.
Did I stick to this? Sort of. I definitely blog more, although I have drifted slightly recently due to studying. 
Also, I still need this photoshoot with that orange coat.
2. Stop procrastinating (ironic, as I am writing this while avoiding the thousands of essays I need to write. However it’s not January yet – I need to take advantage of my numbered procrastinating days)
I can gladly say I do not procrastinate anymore. Nope instead I run around like a headless chicken 24 hours a day.
3. This next one sounds a little geeky. I am determined to enter the Countryfile calendar. I miss photography and want to get back into it. Also I am a country girl. However the biggest reason for this is that I adore the cute hedgehog which is on the calendar this year. I want my own version of a happy hedgehog!
I didn’t complete this although I did think about it. I planned the perfect photo of the sunrise in one of the fields near my house. I was all up for it until I was informed sun rise was at a ridiculous time of day – basically in the middle of the night. Boo.
4. In keeping in theme of this blog, I also want to enter the Vintage Life Magazine photography of the month. Just to enter would be fun and it gives me an excuse to get all vintaged up! All of the entries are absolutely beautiful and it’s fun to get involved!
I did this! I entered a couple of times and it was soooo much fun!
5. I need to get more involved with extra curricular university things. I’m going to make an effort to go to the Swing Dance Society classes. And learn the Charlston.
Didn’t happen. 😦
6. And finally….the ‘showstopper.’…I spend too much money in high street shops, and have loads of clothes. If I don’t go in highstreet shops, I won’t buy as much. You see my point? ……..I’m going on a Topshop BAN. FOR. A. YEAR. No offence to you Topshop, you are beautiful but….money. This will probably be an ongoing future blog discussion, linking in with resolution number one…to blog more!!!
I am VERY proud to inform…..I COMPLETED THIS. No topshop for a year. I think I went in a few times to look at some of the styles – then went to Primark instead. Ooops.
I completed 3.5 resolutions, which I am incredibly happy with. I’ve never stuck to any resolutions before and I’ve outdone my goal of 2.
And my goals for 2017? To make the Vintage Beauty Spot bigger. (and do complete the 3 I didn’t manage)
What were your previous resolutions or what are your current ones? I’d love to find out 🙂

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