Discovering History with Bamble Vintage

This post is in collaboration with Bamble Vintage, a treasure trove of beautiful vintage clothing and accessories. Bamble Vintage is an independent Etsy shop and regularly features at London Vintage and Clothing Fairs.

I’ve been wanting to post more about vintage wardrobes for quite sometimes now. Vintage fashion was the first inspiration of my blog; it was a passion, a hobby, part of my identity that I have placed to one side and somewhat lost. Second hand clothing is so relevant in the present and for the future; I really want to return to my vintage style and promotion of the theme, not only for aesthetics but also for ethical and environmental reasons connected with fast fashion.

“Reuse and Recycle”

When Soph at Bamble (@bamblevintage1) put out a call seeking collaborations with her shop I jumped at the chance to discuss all things vintage! Soph is a delight to work with; she is welcoming, passionate and goes the extra mile with all of her customers. This is embodied within the Bamble shop – you are greeted by an array of colours, styles and sizes, items tailored to season, day and evening: everything is carefully handpicked to suit the individual.

This oversized embellished sweater is perfect for the festive season, the flashes of red, green and sparkle is a timeless Christmas look


Created in the 1970s, this floral maxi skirt is an original ‘boho chic’

Vintage clothes tell a story, they represent a journey and living history. You can sport an outfit from a person or business of the past or you can team vintage items with their modern counterpart. For example, I am obsessed with the timeless tea dress style and its evolution. This floral St Michael’s dress would look absolutely amazing with a modern M&S cardigan or ballet flats!  

“I love the feel of picking something that really suits your personality when you wear a vintage garment, and of wearing something with a story that’s now part of your story.”

I felt a connection with Bamble Vintage because Soph’s ethos: connecting and adding to history through second hand clothing. There is nothing better than finding a well-loved item which matches your individual tastes; you’ve found a like-minded soul, the item represents their stories as well as projecting your own. I’m always curious about why and who created the clothes that lie in my vintage wardrobe, I have answers about a few but most are a mystery.

This stunning dress is one of my absolute favourites. It is a handmade piece of the 1970s, inspired by a variety of global cultures and themes. Its wear is celebrated, it is a part of the dress!

Bamble Vintage takes pride in every single item displayed in the shop and provides a detailed description of the items story, potential ideas of its history and honest facts about the condition of the object. For me, these sprinkles of information provide further insights into the significance of vintage clothing. I imagine their creators’ hand stitching individual marks on clothes that adorn bodies and I consider the amount of times that each are worn, repurposed and passed down.  At Bamble Vintage, flaws on items are not presented as a negative, they inform us of their history and encourage repair and reuse.  “Bamble Tips” are attached on some item descriptions, recommendations of how to alter and wear items to match size, height and particular styles! I love this touch because it promotes comfort and confidence, explaining that vintage fashion is not an exclusive club to particular sizes but there are options and styles to fit any body!

I would highly recommend Bamble Vintage for well-loved second hand clothing. Soph is so passionate about all aspects of her work, from discussing and presenting vintage items to the packing and delivery of your items. Bamble Vintage does not disappoint! As well as the Etsy shop Bamble Vintage regularly features at fairs in London with even more beautiful items!

Have a browse and use the discount code VINTAGEBEAUTYSPOT at the checkout for 20% off orders over £10!

Let’s extend #SecondHandSeptember forever

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