About Me


Hi, I’m Megan, a lover of all things vintage and 19th century. I’m also a big fan of cats, crafts, cake and a good glass of pink wine. You’ll find me either behind the scenes in a museum store, visiting (and being mesmerised by) beautiful country houses or scrolling historical databases to uncover hidden gems.

I’m a graduate of Philosophy from the wonderful University of Hull and have just completed an MA in Medical History at the University of York. My research interests vary, from 19th century medical and dress reform, to identity within handcrafted objects – specifically the idea of spiritual transcendence. My MA dissertation embedded all these aspects, focusing on the life and work of Madame Roxey Ann Caplin a writer, a reformer and an amazing innovator. If you are mesmerised by Victorian corsetry, concepts of anatomy and female empowerment I suggest you all read her powerful literature. (And visit the corsets!)

My reasons for this blog to document my historical adventures, research ideas and my journey into the the world of museums and heritage. I am also a fan of a good comical rant so they might appear to.

Contact: vintagebeautyspot@outlook.com


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