Customizing vintage outfits with Dinky Craft Brooches

I came across Dinky Craft one day, during my various daily scrolls of Twitter. I’m always attracted Dinky Craftto small craft businesses on any social media platform, and I was drawn in by the wonderful an
d innocent logo. On further investigation I thought to myself: what a hidden gem this account is!

Dinky Craft specializes in brooches and other accessories, inspired by the love of retro. The brooches are beautiful wooden designs, finished so elegantly. One thing which Dinky Craft explains so well is that there is no such thing as too much glitter!

Independent businesses take pride in all aspects of their products, even down to the packaging. For Dinky Craft, the aesthetics of the beautiful and ‘shimmering’ red packaging really went above and beyond the confines of normal packaging, suggesting a higher quality of treatment for customers.

Needless to say I was very impressed by this personal touch. This, with the addition of fast shipping made me a very happy customer.

I currently own 3 Dinky Craft Brooches and plan to expand my collection. I have _mg_4758my eye on the teapot and the umbrella and the unicorn – oh okay, I want all of them.

In regards to the vintage feel, Dinky Craft brooches are so ‘modern’ and quirky, yet have a strong retro charm. They are somewhat magical, accessorizing a vintage with these outfits only adds to the vintage feel, without taking away authenticity. Additionally, they add instant glitz and glam to any outfit, also transforming a modern day style into a vintage inspired look.

Without further ado, here are my suggestions of how to style an amazing Dinky Craft brooch.

How about, a cocktail on a cocktail dress?


This Martini brooch appears to be a big seller, and I can understand why!

Just look at how fabulous this silver and a little flash of green looks against the hot pink material, emphasizing the bold and clashing features found in other retro looks.

It is a perfect addition to this reproduction Lindy Bop vintage dress, alongside a chain of 1940s beads. Quirky, but undeniably vintage!


Found that perfect combination but missing the final piece of accessory?


The colours of these clothes items are perfect together; the pale blue cardigan accenting the cornflour blues and pastel yellows in this 150s inspired day dress. However, I feel this outfit on its own is missing something – the sunflower brooch is the solution!

It’s almost as if this brooch was made for this outfit, reflecting the summer feel and layering the tones of yellow and blue.




Moving on from summer, how about transforming a plain black knit dress – essential as a winter warmer!



This little gem of colour and shine gives this outfit a character. Not to mention it’s feline shape – perfect for a cat lover *crazy cat lady* like me!

It’s a spin on the classic, understated look – yet presents elements of both mystery and confidence.

Note that this particular brooch is available in a variety of colours, all equally as perfect alongside a black garment.




For those who want to use brooches differently, how about this attachment to a vintage style hat? Equally as mesmerizing. (And Ebony the cat approves too!)

It is so so important to support small businesses. From experience independent businesses have that extra bit of quality making a product so special and useable.

I absolutely adore my Dinky Craft Brooches and I am so excited to purchase more!



Twitter: @dinkycraft




Charity Shop Haul, Dove House, No.87.

“That time I got a Mary Quant scarf for £3 and I didn’t realise…”


I definitely have an addiction to charity shops. And vintage clothes. So when a charity shop is dedicated purely to vintage items it definitely becomes a problem!

Dove House No.87 in Hull is an example of this. I limit myself to only going in once every through weeks and forcing myself to be good and not buy the whole shop. However as all proceed13419229_994918057224090_2434447962388383310_n.jpgs from the shop go directly to charity I always like doubly (or triply) treat myself knowing that everything is going to a good cause!

I have bought a lot from this shop in the past, so I thought I would share my latest purchases. This time I was extra good only buying 4 items which totalled £25!

I just love wearing vintage clothes and accessories knowing they have mysterious pasts and wondering what kind of person would have owned an item now in my possession. I’m also slightly weird and adore the smell of vintage products and antiques!

The reason I went into the shop that day was to purchase a couple of silk scarves. Like a lot of people I have been bitten by the sewing bug, inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee! I thought it was really interesting the week they created lingerie and lounging items from these silk scarves, and purchasing them from charity shops allows them to be sold at very cheap prices.

In this case all scarves were 13556040_10209870880591754_715195908_o.jpgbetween £2.50 and £4.00 and I chose two which were £3.00 each. One was a chocolate brown colour, decorated by pink, red and white flowers. The other was a white silk which green edging and summer flowers in the corners.

It was actually not until a few days later when I looked at the second scarf, the green one, in detail, that I could never use it to make another item. This is because I didn’t realise that this particular scarf was a Mary Quant original!


Although  Mary Quant scarves are not too dear to purchase at the present time, they are still regarded as designer and will probably one day be worth a lot! Additionally having learnt about Mary Quant and fashion in the 1960s at GCSE level – it is the only thing I can probably remember of that course, meaning that I appreciate moments in time like this and the company derived from Mary Quant.

After choosing the scarves my eyes were drawn to the most beautiful bag hanging on wall on the first floor of the shop!

For ages I had wanted an evening bag big enough to fit more than just a phone and purse in. This bag was the perfect size 13552670_10209861590919518_1037854873_nand the perfect colour! A beautiful blue in a woven wool fabric, handmade in diamond patterns and lighter shades. The factor which sold me in purchasing this bag was the pearl strap, giving it a somewhat Chanel feel! The bag was an absolute bargain at £7.50! 

The last item I purchased was a very pretty pleated skirt. I had got talking with one of the volunteers in the shop, discussing how difficult I find it to buy skirts which really fit. I’m very small with a tiny waist but wide hips so finding skirts that fit my waist normally end up being way too long for me! Anyway this wonderful volunteer found the most perfect midi skirt for me – a cream base with red and navy stripes!


I just ❤ this skirt. I goes with little kitten heels or flats and can be worn both casually or formally! I feel so girly in this £7.00 skirt!

This is the rundown of my latest charity shop haul! I hope you enjoyed :)x




Annabelles Wigs.



Bob Wig, short and beautiful: Josie.

I love having long hair. I’ve been growing it for quite a few years now, after having quite short hair in Sixth Form. I tried many styles with it short, from normal bobs to the ‘Pob’ and asymmetric lengths.  Although I am very happy with my natural hair the way it is, I do long for my short hair back. However I am then reminded about how difficult it was to keep: my hair is very flicky and unbearable to style and keep up with when very short.

I think everyone goes through phases of wanting long/short hair from time to time. I would love my hair to be longer, and I’ve tried with extensions. My hair is too thick though and it just doesn’t look right, so I’ll have to be patient on that one.

I have days where I long for short hair again – after seeing beautiful photos of actresses in the 1920s with the prominant ‘flapper’ hairstyles – even the 1960s had the most beautiful short styles such as Twiggy’s iconic blonde cut. Although I wouldn’t go that short, it would be nice to at least experiment and see what I’d look like with hair that short.

I was a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing, and Georgia May Foot’s Charlston involved her wearing a flapper style wig. She suited it so well and it was a great style. I wanted to try!


I found Annabelle’s wigs through a Google search when researching wig styles.

The wigs are synthetic hair. This is better for me personally as I had real hair extensions once and they were so difficult to keep up with. There was no need to worry about washing or styling this wig.

Before ordering my wig I was skeptical on the overall effect/look. I’ve had basic cheap wigs before and the plasticity was obvious. I knew I was paying more for the Annabelle wig, implying the great quality. This was even more evident on the photos of both the models and customer pictures uploaded onto the site – I couldn’t tell the difference!

I spent a good few weeks contemplating until the other day (20/01) I finally just ordered it. There were a lot of choices of lengths, styles, colours, each wig having a name of someone who had that particular style. There was a really beautiful short one, a proper 1920s style. It was named ‘Louise Brooks’ after you know, Louise Brooks:



As you see, Louise rocks this look however it is so extreme, especially if you have medium to long hair. I came to the conclusion that if I really wanted it, I’d have to ease into the lengths. So I went for a slightly longer one, a black bob named ‘Josie.’

The Josie wig seems like a popular choice, with Annabelle’s Wigs Twitter account modelling the wig in their profile picture. I’d recently dyed my hair from faux red back to my natural colour which too is pretty much jet black. So I knew this colour would suit me.

I ordered Josie on the afternoon of Jan. 19th. It was £25.99 with slightly over £4 extra for postage. Normally I go for either free or the longest delivery time to cut down the cost but there was no option of this – the cheapest being the next day delivery at £4.70. I realised this wasn’t necessarily bad – for one a good quality wig for under £30 was good in itself – as a wash, cut and dry at the hairdressers would be a lot more than that – and the wig lasts longer!

Josie came to next afternoon. She was there waiting for me, after beating my arrival. I was coming home from Hull to York and she was sat there on the kitchen island. I popped her on straight away. The way she was packaged was great – wrapped in a net which can also double as a net to keep your natural hair in place while the wig is worn over the top. (However I just went for the tuck method – putting my natural hair in a low ponytail and inverting it under the bottom of my head) There was even a short message explaining how to care for the hair, mentioning no heat appliances and to wash it (if need be) with water and waiting for it to naturally dry.



The wig can be adjusted to headsize at the sides of the wig. What I love about the wig itself was that the elastic bars have gaps – allowing the natural hair to move through and breath. One of the problems with other wigs I’ve tried is that the hair follicles began to become strained or irritated by the scalp of the wig. With this one it was no hassle! If you have near enough the same colour hair as the wig, like me, this is even better because it all blends and there is no panic if the real hair escapes through the gaps :’)

I’d put Josie on in a rush originally due to excitement and my mum questioned whether it was supposed to be ‘lopsided’ and proceeded to pull and move the wig. Only this was my real hair, so I screamed a little :’) However this proves at how real the wig looks, in that it was easily mistaken for my real hair!

I wore Josie for the whole day today and at times I forgot I was wearing a wig! So comfortable, so soft, so shiny. Felt a lot better than my real hair hehehe.

I’ve also been getting lots of compliments online for my picture of short hair, with people being convinced I’d cut it off :’)


Great wig, I will definitely be purchasing more in the future!


Twitter: @annabelles_wigs