Why Norway is amazing.


I’m stepping away from ‘vintage’ in this post only because I went on a magnificent holiday and really want to do a quick blog post about my trip!

My 21st was in November 2015 and instead of having a big party I wanted to visit Norway to see the Northern Lights!

I was also booked into a dog sledding tour which came of a surprise. I love doggies, especially huskies – it’s my dream one day to own a Siberian husky called Norse :’)

Here are 9 reasons to why Norway is amazing, and why you should visit!

#1: The views. I did not get bored of the surroundings of Norway – the snowy mountains and calm crisp lakes and fjords. Not one bit.




#2: There are less people. I am a self confessed introvert, in that I love to be by myself often. I’m a little shy but not anti social – I do enjoy company but I am perfectly content on my own. Norway is very rural, especially the North of Tromso which I went. Communities are staggered with lots of bare land in between and when there are houses there isn’t many, showing that people are in close knit with there neighbours. People are around but there is the easy option to be alone, surrounded by the beautiful views!

#3: You are connected to the modern world – the internet – however it seems easier to just shut it off and enjoy a peaceful life. It was nice to just sit round a open fire with a hot chocolate admiring the views on the top of a mountatin!

#4: People are genuinely nicer. I was only there for 4 full days but I definitely noticed the increase of lovely people. Everyone was so kind and caring. For example one of our guides was driving us to the resort from a city in snowy conditions – she stopped every time we came across a stopped car to check to see if people needed help!

#5: People are better drivers. I get anxiety over driving and other drivers in England because some people are absolutely crazy. The Norwegians are the safest drivers in the world – despite the snow and ice you feel alot safer (I want to invest in snow tyres)

#6: Dogs. Okay so there’s dogs everywhere but there’s huskies! The resort I stayed at, Malangen, had a kennel of about 40 dogs which they keep, train and look after. All the dogs are ace and have their own personalities and they are so loyal!

#7: The cold. So the weather is unpredictable, snowy and cold. Normally I feel the cold really easily, but when in Norway and layered up it’s not an uncomfortable cold. The wind isn’t as sharp and icy as expected, it’s a perfect condition!

#8: It was nice to not be conscious of how I was dressed or how my hair looked. I didn’t wear make up the whole time and my skin is a lot better! I began to appreciate nature and the place more rather than spending ages getting ready in the morning.

#9 Oh and how could I forget. You get the chance to see phenomenons like this: